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Why I chose medical micro-pigmentation - If you've been through breast cancer, enduring mastectomy or double mastectomy; chemotherapy; and possibly radiation, your first impulse is "No more!" No more pain, no more procedures, put it behind you. Reconstruction is a terrific celebration that life goes on. The frosting on the cake is completing the appearance of a healthy breast with a lifelike areola tattoo, I looked at my "blank" breast in the mirror, and used lipstick to draw how a nipple might look. It looked so much better than the all skin-color breast that I looked into medical tattoos. It doesn't matter whether you have the nipple reconstructed; a 3D nipple tattoo will make it appear that you have a nipple. Tonni is able to create this illusion without pain, with and artistic sensibility. She is very caring, patient and understood my needs. Her passionate objective, to create a natural look that wood be comfortable with as in my own skin.

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How Areola Re-Pigmentation helps people after breast reconstruction?

Areola Re-Pigmentation is a specialty area of tattooing that requires advanced education, training, and artistic abilities. These procedures help improve the appearance and self-esteem of both men and women who have undergone breast surgery. Areola Re-Pigmentation techniques can enhance color, shape, and minimize the appearance of scars while creating a more natural looking breast.

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Areola Repigmentation

Waiting for your Procedure ~

Waiting and Preparing for Your Procedure ~ Simulation or scar camouflage can be performed when your physician approves it.  Appointments can usually be scheduled about six months after your surgery. Spot test should be scheduled four to six weeks  prior to tattooing to determine color stabilization and allow for healing. Keep in mind that a second session will be scheduled six to eight weeks later to ensure color and design outlines have been met. Your satisfaction is essential.​

What is Areola Pigmentation?

The areola is the circular part of the human breast on both men and women. This color can be lost or disrupted through Breast Augmentation, Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift and Breast Mastectomy.  Areola tattooing can recreate the areola through color, shape, and size; giving patients a sense of feeling complete, whole, and normal again. Scar appearances can be

softened, blended, and reduced by using corrective techniques. Tonni Petty, owner of Timeless Beautys, will work with you to select color, re-design shape, and size. All concerns will be addressed directly by Tonni prior to the procedure. She will also recommend a treatment plan sure to provide optimum 

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