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 Microblading Advanced: 

This course is specifically designed for advanced technicians in the industry with prior experience. During this one day course, students will learn confidence! proper depth, technique, and artistic design to create beautiful, flawless brows. Prior to the class date students will receive a manual, which discusses all that must be known to be a successful, safe microblading artist. Including exercises and testing, step-by-step procedure description, hand methods, testing ensures students understand and retain all concepts and techniques.

(Class Tuition $1500.00) Prerequisites: Blood Borne Pathogens, Washington State Permanent Cosmetics Application.

Specifically Beautiful Brows

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I take pride in sharing my best knowledge in the most comprehensive way to benefit all of my students. After being in the industry for over 15 years, I have seen quality work, and I have seen work performed by inexperienced technicians that ended in a tramatic experience. It is extremely important to make sure technicians are properly equipped and trained accurately.

( All Classes are Taught One-On-One)

Students! Microblading is rapidly growing! and is quickly becoming the most sought after cosmetic procedures!
Microblading, Eyebrows, 3D Brows, and Feather Touch is a relatively new manual method. It is considered to be permanent makeup, as compared to the traditional hair stroke technique. The results can last anywhere from 8 to 24 months (or longer!), depending on how the client cares for the area.

The classes listed below are specifically designed for the beginning technician as well as our seasoned technician, classes are scheduled with a maximum of two students only, students are required to bring their own model and have prerequisites before class start date.

Timeless Beauty's Permanent Eyeliner Microblading Certification Permanent Cosmetics Training Microblading Training Seattle client reviews

Beginning Microblading:​​​​​​ 

This course is specifically designed for beginner technicians entering the industry with no prior experience. During this two day course, students will learn everything they need to know in order to be confident and successful at creating beautiful eyebrows. Prior to the class date, students will  receive  a basic manual, which discusses all that must be known to be a safe and successful microblading artist, Including exercises, testing, step-by-step procedure description, hand  methods, barrier  sterilization, information on infectious diseases, anatomy of the skin, covering  color selection, tips  for beginning  technicians, marketing and advertising, insurance, client  consultation, and legal forms and liabilities. Testing ensures that the students understand and retain the concepts and techniques they are learning. Also providing on-going technical support after graduation to ensure students master the skills necessary to become (and remain) successful in your new career. Covering  everything from basic brow shapes, to designing and correcting; students will learn how to master the  artistry of eyebrow microblading.​ 

(Class Tuition $2000.00)Prerequisites: Blood Borne Pathogens, Washington State Permanent Cosmetics Application.

2 Day Microblading & Permanent Cosmetics Class: This Brows only class is designed for passionate technicians, who are looking to dominate the permanent cosmetics field. Put yourself one step ahead of your competion! Class is designed in perfecting brows in both methods of Microblading and Permanent Cosmetic Rotary Machine allowing to you to focus on all ages of clients! Instruction includes multiple brow methods (including 3D hair strokes, ombre, powder & stippling, how to measure and design a good brow, practicing on fake skin & performing procedures on live models, skin anatomy, color theory, OSHA standards, procedure room setup and teardown, sanitation, equipment, photos, proper paperwork, getting your business set up, advertising and marketing your business.

(Class Tuition $2700.00) Class is Taught One-On-One,

 Course Includes: Machine, hand tools and necessary equipment for 20 procedures. 
Students should be ready to start your new business as soon as you are done with your class!
Prerequisites needed: Blood Borne Pathogens and Washington State Permanent Cosmetics Application

Space is limited ~ For Class Registration & Further Information 
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