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Permanent Cosmetics Techniques ~ Microblading, Permanent Brows, Brow Procedures and Rottery, is a Permanent, semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow.  Eyebrow Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis by a special pen. It does not involve the use of a machine unlike most common permanent makeup brow treatments.  Microblading techniques involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking than tattooing, brow pencils or powders.[1] The blade of microblading pen contains numerous pins that are 3 times thinner than the needles used for tattooing. When performed correctly, the procedure is almost painless.  Numbing creams are used also to minimize any possible discomfort.

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Is Permanent Cosmetics Right For You? Permanent cosmetics, Permanent Brows, Brow Procedures is an aesthetic procedure Very similar to tattooing. This procedure is designed  for anyone who wishes to enhance their natural beauty, illuminating the daily makeup routine. Intradermal pigmentation also known as micro pigmentation, dermal pigmentation and demographics  is a revolutionary  method of applying micro insertion of natural  pigments into the dermal layer of the skin adding color to permanent eyeliner,permanent eyebrows, full lips and lip enhancement Using hypoallergenic, non-iron oxide organic, fade resistant MRI safe pigments you can be assured of the longevity of your permanent makeup. This state of the art technique is proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. 

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